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International air transport
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International Air Freight 

In global market most customers require the shortest delivery time, to reduce warehousing expenses. Beijing HYCX International Logistics Co., Ltd is one of the best agent in North of China. We’ve built stable cooperation relations with many international airlines. We can provide competitive rate and shipping space. Provide full range of airfreight services: pickup, delivery, custom clearance, our experienced team will supervise each stage of delivery not only to ensure speed, safety but also achieve optimal cost-effective transportation.


  Export and import
        It’s the absolute advantage of our company. We have built good cooperation with airlines at home and abroad .We are close partners with ground operation companies, so we can enjoy priority in booking, custom clearance, handling service and get great advantage in rate.
When we provide door-door service on import & export we can also provide the value-add service in POL&POD such as tracking service, to ensure finish the transportation timely, smoothly, safely.

Our advantages:
- Competitive price

- Fast custom clearance and inspection service
- Highly efficient and flexible operation
- Seven days a week service
- Provide online cargo tracking service

- Provide insurance service for value-add cargo

- Fastest, complete and global customization service